Unigoat Book Recs

Title Read It? Delete It Recommended By
All the Harry Potters Michelle
The Thief of Always Loraine
The Lovely Bones Anita
Consider the Lobster Carly
Gunnerkrigg Court Jeri
Xkcd Jeri
The blind watchman
Dreamless Jeri
14 Nights (nsfw but the art is amazing) Jeri
Everybody Poops Anita
Ready Player One Brenna
Infinite Jest Anita
Revolution at Point Zero (@pi_inthesky)
The Lies of Locke Lamora Alice
City at the end of time (Rec by Vanessa)
Eloquent Ruby (recommended by Weiser)
The Martian Kari B.
Martin Eden
The Gifts of Imperfection Elia
A Problem from Hell: America in the Age of Genocide Elia
Persepolis Elia
Anathem (Vanessa's rec)
Freakonomics Chef
The Good Earth Lindsey
The Demolished Man Alice
Wolf Hall Sally
The Goldfinch Elia
Ancillary Justice Loraine
The Painted Bird Jeremy
Our Mathematical Universe Elsa
Americannna Lila
The Powerful Mind
Girl of Fire and Thorns Crystal
Sabriel Brandi
Boys in the Boat Corinne
The Stars My Destination Loraine
Out of Orange Loraine
Bossypants Brittany
The fountainhead Victoria